Sunday, April 12, 2015

Madeon: Adventure (Deluxe) Album Review

Oh where do I begin?? I am so in love with Madeon's first album Adventure (Deluxe)! This one is definitely my favorite right now. I know I usually would tell you guys my favorite tracks from an album that I am reviewing but in this case ahhhh they are all my favorite, the entire album is actually on repeat right now! At a time when electronic music all sound the same, it's really nice to hear something new, something different. So a few things I've learned about this guy...he's not even 21 yet! He's only 20 well almost 21 in May. So I have a question, how does that work if he were to play at a 21+ club? Hmmm..anyway his real name is Hugo Pierre Leclerq. He was born in France May 30 1994. He started making music when he was 11...what? I don't even know what I was doing when I was 11. Very talented really, I see a big future for this guy. He will be in Coachella for both weekend 1 and 2. You can watch the live stream below, he will be playing Sunday 7:45pm Channel 3 Coachella Youtube live stream. I have also posted below his live mini mix for BBC Radio 1, you've got to see that! Madeon will be at El Rey Theatre Los Angeles which I unfortunately will miss, if you're going there tell me about your experience, just post a photo on Instagram and tag me @edmmd or #PromoterVedz and I will feature it. Madeon will then be at Seattle, Philadelphia, New York..etc for a full listing click here. Well til next time, don't forget to add me on Instagram @edmmd!

Coachella Channel 1 Live Stream

Coachella Channel 2 Live Stream

Coachella Channel 3 Live Stream

Madeon Mini Mix for BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac

Madeon Pop Culture Live Mix

Madeon - You're On (Live Mix)

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Music: Alesso - Cool, Eric Prydz vs Chvrches - Tether, Madeon - Pay No Mind

Alesso ft. Roy English - Cool

Eric Prydz vs Chvrches

Madeon - Pay No Mind

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tracked Tracks Feb 2015

Some highlights from this playlist:

Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens - You Know (Original Mix): Once again, I deliver to you guys some of the tracks that I have been listening to lately. First up is a track that I have been waiting for forever! It's "You Know" by Zeds Dead and Oliver Heldens, first time I heard this on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 I've been waiting for it to be released and now it's finally here! I'm reading some really good reviews online about this track and I completely agree!

B. Traits ft. Elisabeth Troy - Fever: Ah BBC Radio 1's very own B. Traits! This track was released back in 2012 but I thought I'd put it on the playlist just because. For those of you who are not familiar with who she is, Brianna Price or more popularly known as B. Traits is a Canadian DJ/Producer who is currently living in the UK. Check out her show on BBC Radio 1 every Friday here.

Breakbot ft Irfane - One Out Of Two: I just love Breakbot! If you ever need to take a break from all the hard hitting bass music but still have that "happy feeling" that dance music brings, listen to Breakbot. Every time I listen to his tracks, though I know they all have the same "basic formula" I still get that refreshing travelling back in time...ah you know what I mean. Breakbot will be at Sound Nightclub this coming Thursday Feb 12. For tickets, click here.

Madeon - Imperium, You're on: These 2 tracks are my favorite from Madeon, "You're On" if I feel like having easy listening and "Imperium" for when I'm getting ready for work! Try it, listen to Imperium and you'll get that bolt of energy you need ;)

Hardwell - Eclipse: From his album that was released last week "United We Are" , this track is another one of those "need to hype up" music. I was somewhat looking forward to his album but I guess I was over expecting his album to do good since he was named DJ of the year last year by DJ Mag. Turns out it wasn't all that great, but I do love this track though!

The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days: Ah! You have got to listen to this one! Glitch hop genre still makes me feel super cool on days when I'm low on energy. This track though takes it up a notch!

Fedde Le Grande, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike - Tales of Tomorrow: Ah, magical collaboration! Mix these talented DJ's and you get an AMAZING track. This one was released last month and it's been getting a lot of playtime!

This is all for now, til the next playlist, hope you all enjoy what I have picked out for you because it's good for you! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @edmmd for Hollywood EDM club events! Have a great week!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pete Tong at Sound Nightclub 1/16/15

What an amazing experience Friday night when the legend himself came to visit us at Sound Nightclub Hollywood! As expected long lines outside the club and the crowd just kept building up. I honestly haven't gone to Sound on a Friday night, I usually go there Saturday nights. They had moved the DJ stage from the left side when you enter to down the center of the club. So much better! I don't know if this is how they set up Fridays nights but I can't imagine them switching it back and forth for different days. I hope this is a permanent set up because it's perfect. Now you can stand at the second bar and get a good view of the club with the DJ stage down the center and VIP tables on the side. Beautiful! Of course the crowd beautiful as always and boy was it packed! Pete Tong's set was great, everyone was just dancing. I've been listening to Pete Tong's radio show on BBC Radio 1 for a very long time. It's on every Friday where he plays the latest EDM tracks together with mixes and interviews of guest DJ's. So for me just watching him mix completely made my night, I mean it's one thing to listen to him but it's another to actually watch him spin! You can listen to his weekly radio show here . I've posted some photos and videos for you guys, enjoy!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tracked Tracks Of The Week

A-Trak - Push (ft Andrew Wyatt) Cazzette Remix
Released: November 25, 2014.

Tritonal & Kaeno - Azuca (Topher Jones Remix)
Released: Feb 21, 2013.

Hook N Sling & Chris Willis - Magnet (Original Mix)
Released: August 19, 2013

Avicii - The Nights 
Released: December 1, 2014

Axwell Ingrosso - Something New 
Released: December 9, 2014

DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge  - You Know You Like It
Released: December 8, 2014

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Futuristic Polar Bears at Sound Nightclub 11/22/14

So I got a private invite from Sound Nightclub to go see Futuristic Polar Bears. I have been wanting to go see them ever since I started listening to their podcast. Of course I did not turn down the invite (who would..from Sound??! No way). Once again I like to look at reviews on Yelp before I actually start doing my own honest review of a club. Sound Nightclub is at 1642 Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles 90028. If you're taking the 10 west you head onto 101 north, exit Hollywood Blvd then make a left. Unlike other clubs Sound is situated at the heart of Hollywood Blvd. Why do I mention that? Because sometimes when you hit a club and the drive going there is quiet and you don't see that many people on the street it kind of kills the vibe of the club. However, heading to Sound you drive down Hollywood Blvd and you see everyone on the streets heading out to party, the city definitely was alive and that sets a good mood heading to the club. You then have to make a left on Las Palmas. Sound will be very visible on your left. Obviously, if you arrive past 11:30pm you'll see a long line outside. If you come right before 10pm which is my advice every single time you want to go clubbing, just look for a white theatre marquee that says Sound Nightclub and whoever is playing for that night (see my slideshow). Next to it is the parking lot, very convenient yes, it will cost you $20, plenty of parking space because they share the lot with another lounge or restaurant also with live music. So yes from the moment you park and get out of your car you'll definitely feel good vibes from everyone as they walk or just chill at their favorite spot. As I head on to the door there were several men in black uniforms (employees of Sound) by the velvet ropes. I head to one of them and and told him I was on the guest list, he politely calls out to the guy by the door to "please take care of this lady". I didn't catch the guest lister's name but he was as polite and outgoing as can be. I told him I got a private invite and my full name and so he checks his clipboard and when he found it he shouts out to the other guys, "Hey everyone, Avedis is here!!" And everyone shouts out "hey!!" What a great reception! He then tells the doorman to "kindly direct this lady to the door" who does exactly that, of course after checking my ID. When I went in the first thing I noticed was the beautiful bar. Wow, they did invest in this place. Felt like one of this hotels in Vegas. There are 3 separate elegant bars, sorry I didn't get to take a photo of that, but just take my word for it or go see for yourself. Going further inside facing the dance floor the DJ booth is on the left, another bar behind me, booths or tables on the sides and more tables elevated on the right. The dance floor was a good size, just enough to get everyone dancing without stepping on each other's toes. Of course the famous Disco Shark from Coachella hangs on the ceiling right in the middle of the dance floor (see my slide show). The resident DJ did a good job of warming up everyone for the Futuristic Polar Bears who came on at around midnight I think, I was having such a good time with everyone I lost track of time. The set was off the hook. They played my favorite track from them "Back to Earth" and "Vargo" with Danny Howard and the sound system was AMAZING! It's no wonder they call it Sound Nightclub, they have all the right to call themselves that. See, you're just suppose to hear the bass, you're suppose to feel it and that's exactly what you'll experience at Sound. Everyone and I mean everyone was dancing. I also have to mention that I have never seen so many beautiful men and women, at one time in club, hats off to the image promoters. Everyone was looking good, well dressed and classy. I also noticed that security was tight, they kept everyone in check making sure no one does any funky business, that's good.  It was around 1am I decided to go check out how it was by the entrance (it's how I usually know if a club is hot or not) and true enough this club is hot because at 1am people were still trying to get in. Not just a few people but a long line. You can't go wrong if you choose to come to this club, it'll be worth it. Having said all that, I'd like to go back to those misleading Yelp reviews. First off, this is an honest review and I'm not biased just because I got a private invite from them. About the complaints that the doorman is rude: Like what I always say, if you give them a tough time, they will give you a tough time. My advice is always this: buy your tickets online because it will be jacked up at the door, get to the club before 10pm, do not forget your ID make sure it matches the name on the ticket and ALWAYS dress up, look your best. If you don't follow any of these rules then I can guarantee you WILL have a hard time at the door, or worse yet they won't even let you in. About the drinks being expensive: as what I always say, if you can't afford it, don't buy it, nobody's forcing you to. Always bring cash if you do decide to drink. About the dance floor being too small: Did you want something as big as an ice skating rink so you can have so much space to yourself? I didn't think so, the dance floor being the way it is makes it more fun for people to dance together, that's what it's about EVERYONE dancing TOGETHER. Okay enough ranting, I definitely had a great time at Sound with the Futuristic Polar Bears playing. I want to personally thank Sound Nightclub for the private invite. For future events at this club please click on the Tickets tab above and you'll see all upcoming shows for Sound. I have for you guys some of their tracks on Soundcloud. Check out slide show and videos for that night below as well. Till next time!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tritonal At Create Nightclub 11/1/14

I'm a big fan of Tritonal and when I got the announcement that they will be playing at my favorite club - Create Nightclub, I was more than thrilled! I bought the tickets right away and anticipated the day that I will be seeing them. So the day finally came, I went with my crew. Now let me just say a little something about Create Nightclub. I have been coming to this club quite a lot and yesterday I was randomly reading some comments on Yelp, most were good reviews but a number were complaining about how strict they were about the name registered on the tickets and how expensive the drinks were. First of all, I like the fact that they are very strict about checking ID's and names registered on the tickets, it prevents scalping. About the drinks, if you can't afford it, don't go clubbing besides nobody is forcing you to drink so just don't drink if you don't have the money for it. I can't believe that some are even complaining about the door man being picky. I like the fact that they are picky with people, yes I like being in a club where people are well dressed and can afford to be there. I like the fact that security is strict because we don't want the club turning into a pot of mayhem. For people complaining about ticket prices at the door, ticket prices do go up after 11pm so if you want to get in hassle free, buy your tickets online, they're much cheaper ( on my blog, yes :) ) dress up, head on to the club before 10pm WITH the person who bought the tickets, bring your proper ID's and bring cash if you want to drink, there is a minimum for credit/debit purchases. If you have never been to Create, parking is conveniently located beside the club, you'll see signs with a 10 on it, meaning $10 per parking, yes I didn't know that at first. You won't see a sign outside that says Create, but if you come before 10pm you will see a place with graffiti on the wall (in between the parking space and a shop, I think) there will be a bunch of gentlemen in suits and you'll see the Create logo on the wall. After 10pm, they have a black curtain over the block before the lines to the club. Anyway, back to Tritonal. The resident DJ played from 10pm to 12:30am then Tritonal took over from then until 2:30am. The set was amazing, they played all their tracks and some additional remixes, one that I can't forget is the remix of Wonderwall by Oasis. Of course once they played one of their most recent tracks, Anchor, everyone just went crazy. This DJ duo really knew how to hype up the crowd, everyone was jumping and dancing to their tunes. A great plus for that evening was daylight saving, boy were we happy realizing it was only 1:30am when we got out of the club. Well, I'll leave you guys with some photos and videos from that night, enjoy! P.S. sound quality of the videos suck, I'll work on that next time I promise.